Sunday, 6 May 2012

Brownie Badges

Hello Everybody,

Well I woke up this morning and suddenly decided to have a look at my old Brownie and Girl Guide badges. I have no idea why. I would quite like to make something out of them or display them in some way, as it seems a shame to keep them hidden in a drawer. I haven't got all my badges, think they're still over at my Mum's, so I will have to ask her for them. Some of my Brownie badges are on my old camp blanket and I have a Girl Guide sash with a few on too. I think I have duplicates of some badges, because I was in a local Pack and in a school one too! Here is a picture of some of the ones I've dug out so far:

From left to right, top to bottom: Staffordshire Knot County Badge, Footpath Brownie Badge, 1st Colwich Pack Badge, Science Investigator Brownie Badge, Staffordshire Guides Unity '94 Badge, Needlework Brownie Badge, Speaker Girl Guides Badge, Writer Brownie Badge, Hostess Brownie Badge, Girl Guides Promise Badge, 2nd Birthday Brownie Badge, Agility Brownie Badge, Local History Girl Guides Badge, House Orderly Brownie Badge, Elf Six Brownie Badge, Swimmer Brownie Badge, Venture Brownie Badge, First Aider Brownie Badge, Camper Girl Guides Badge, Challenge '92 Brownie Badge, Outdoor Cook Girl Guides Badge, Chaffinch Patrol Girl Guides Badge, Road Safety Brownie Badge, Rugeley Division 10th Anniversary Badge, Sixer and Seconder Brownie Badges, Entertainer Girl Guides Badge, Animal Lover Brownie Badge, Artist Girl Guides Badge, Collector Brownie Badge, Sportswoman Girl Guides Badge, Jester Brownie Badge, Silver Bar Girl Guides Sash Pin, Cook Brownie Badge, Agility Girl Guides Badge, 1st Birthday Brownie Badge, Crafter Girl Guides Badge, Venture Brownie Badge, International Challenge Unity '94 Badge, Girl Guides Sash with Badges.

They are all badges from Brownies and Guides in the early 90s. I don't remember getting half of them and I'm fairly sure I didn't deserve most of them. I remember having an argument with my Mum over the "Animal Lover" Brownie badge, something to do with crying every time I had to clean out my guinea pigs! I do remember getting the "Science Investigator" badge though, there was a group of three of us (I think) working for it and it took ages. We had to make yoghurt and do a project on Marie Curie. There's a badge from Unity '94, I think we went in Guides. It was an international Girl Guide camp and we (the 1st Colwich Guides/1st Bishton Guides, can't remember which) were camping with some girls from Sierra Leone. It was based at Shugborough Hall in Staffordshire (at least a mile from my house) and lasted 2 weeks I think. It seemed a long time away from home when you were 11. I don't remember much about it, apart from wandering around fields collecting signatures from Guides in a workbook (things like: 'Find a Guide who can tie a sheepshank knot') and throwing up all the way to Alton Towers. We got given some ashes from the campfire at the end in a little film canister, I still have mine!

I have to say thank you to this website, for helping me find out the names of all the badges - I had no idea about some of them. 

Does anyone else have collections of badges from when they were younger? Any ideas what to do with them?

Thistle Girl x

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