Sunday, 27 January 2013

FO: Purple Cabled Handwarmers

Hello Everybody,

Long time no blog, oops. This is a bit of an overdue post about my knitted handwarmers that I finished at the end of October. Yes, they did take me a whole year - but only because I forgot about them and they festered on the needles for many months. I think I've probably written about them before when they were a work in progress.

The pattern is called Midnight - with a twist! and is available as a free Ravelry download. It is fairly simple to follow. I went a bit wrong - I can't remember exactly what I did, possibly started the cabling a bit late (as in too far away from the thumbhole) but I did both the same so they look fine. I knitted them in this lovely merino cashmere DK from Artist's Palette Yarns that I randomly picked up at a show. It is a beautiful purple colour but ever so slightly variegated. They are really soft and cosy. My only complaint is the lack of "fingers" in this cold spell we're having - because I've misplaced my "fingered" gloves! At least my wrists are warm.

I'd really like to get some more of this yarn as I loved the colour and it feels so soft. Maybe I will knit a matching scarf.

My Baktus Scarf is getting a lot of use these last few weeks. It's been quite chilly and I like how you can wrap it around your neck several times to get really snug. You might remember that, when I first completed it, I was a little worried about the yarn being too scratchy for something that goes around your neck. Well, it's softened up nicely and the yarn has a bit of a spring in it so there's lots of warm cosy scarf to snuggle me warm. I'm quite tempted to make myself another one, but the first one took forever.

Thistle Girl x

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