Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Sheep Toilet Roll Cover

Hello Everybody,

This might sound a little bit weird, but I made a Sheep Toilet Roll Cover for my friend's birthday. This may seem like a slightly strange gift but in my defence, the friend in question bought me the Toilet Roll Covers pattern book for Christmas so I felt she deserved one! I decided my first toilet roll cover would be the sheep pattern.

It's crocheted, not knitted. You start off by crocheting a circle and then spiral out from that to create the sides. The sheep's "wool" is created with fancy yarn and then a nose and ears are added. I created a bit of a scene at the pub at our local knit night when I brought along the loo roll to measure up!

It didn't end up looking very sheep like! I think I put the eyes a bit too close together. I didn't have any of the more sheep-like yarn that they suggested so I used some cream DK and some random frilly yarn I found.

I wonder which toilet roll cover I will make next?

Thistle Girl x

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