Sunday, 8 July 2012

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Shawl

Hello Everybody,

So, I thought it was time that I shared with you the saga of the Twinkle.

I bought a 100g skein of Easyknits Twinkle 4-ply in the Frozen Lake colour way (not available at the moment, sorry!) back at the end of October last year. Easyknits were selling their gorgeous wares at Fibre Flurry and I headed straight over to their stand to fondle. Cannock Crafties have a small obsession with Easyknits yarn, others in the group had already purchased Twinkle and I was already smitten. So, I went to the stand specifically for the Twinkle. I bought not one skein, but two. The first was the Frozen Lake and the other was the lace weight Twinkle in Charcoal.

Sorry, these are dodgy iPhone pics but I was so excited to get started I forgot to take photos!!!

The next day, I casted on a Multnomah shawl. I even blogged about it here. The shawl was easy enough, but slow going. I'm not really into concentrating and made mistakes left right and centre. Not awful mistakes, but just enough to annoy. To cut a long story short (and to the distress of my Crafties buddies), the shawl was ripped twice and re-knit (to the last 6 rows!!!) before finally being frogged
Here are some photos of the Multnomah, aka the Shawl of DOOM! 

It was nothing to do with the yarn or the pattern, it was just me. Or maybe the Twinkle really didn't want to be a Multnomah. I do want to complete a Multnomah, maybe in a different yarn and knit at home so there's no distractions.

Anyway, moving on. I needed a new project for my lovely Twinkle yarn. After trawling through Ravelry I decided to cast on the strangely named The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief, again a free Ravelry download. That was a couple of weeks ago and the shawl was easy to knit and progressed nicely. There were a few dodgy moments, but it all turned out ok in the end. The shawl is designed to be knit in DK and mine, unsurprisingly, has come out a little er... petite. I think it'll be fine to wrap round my neck in the winter for some extra warmth though. The good news is that it only weighed 32g, so I have plenty more Frozen Lake to play with.

Sorry, too many photos! The colour is really hard to capture, it's more turquoisey than in the photos. Now, what to do with the rest of my Frozen Lake?

Thistle Girl x