Tuesday, 23 August 2011


Hello Everybody,

In all the excitement of starting a new blog, I forgot to introduce you to someone very important in my life. Please meet... Starry Mug. 

He has lived with me for around 7 years now and is a very good mug. Keeps the heat in, but not so much that the drink stays too hot! And obviously, he's decorated in lots of pretty multicoloured stars. He holds lots of tea and coffee and is the main cause for me needing the loo nearly every morning on the train. His favourite day is Sunday, when he gets filled with steaming hot coffee from the Coffee Machine and the frothy milk gets a random cocoa picture (usually unrecognisable but I made a special effort for this photo (it's a star, btw!)) sprinkled on top. 

Starry once had a friend called Spotty, who was like him but slimmer and taller. Unfortunately, due to poor  workmanship (by a British company who shall remain nameless) he split when I added hot water (awesome design!). He now has the important duty of holding my knitting needles. Don't worry though, Starry still has a friend - Stripey! Also taller and slimmer, but they don't get on too well :-(

Anyway, that's Starry Mug!

Thistle Girl x

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  1. Fab mug - I love stars! I have a blue with white stars mug and mini teapot set from Whittards which I crack open of an afternoon for afternoon tea. The stars definitely add to the flavour!