Monday, 29 August 2011

Making Monday #1

Hello Everybody,

Today is Monday, and as it's a Bank Holiday and I'm not at work, I thought I'd have a go at this Making Monday thing. So, this is just a brief post to let you know what I've been up to. 

I've actually been making lots today, oil painting, sewing, porcelain painting, mess. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I am unable to show you any of those things as they are either still works in progress, complete fails or presents, but I will one day (maybe not for the fails)!

In the meanwhile, I decided to clean out my fridge and discovered that I had a load of chocolate and mangoes that needed using up. I googled and browsed a few blogs looking for an inspirational recipe, but found none to my liking. So, I decided to CREATE! What followed were some strange child-like concoctions coupled with a silicon ice-cube tray.

I blended the mangoes with some random items, such as chilli, hazelnuts, porridge oats, sugar and a vanilla pod. Then I wanted to make it more vanillary but had ran out of vanilla essence so added that vanilla syrup stuff Italians (and Staffordians it would seem) put in their coffee. It then tasted a little like Play-Doh so I added some more sugar to make it taste better! I just melted the chocolate. Then, I poured it into the ice-cube mould and put it in the freezer. A couple of hours later- ta-dah - Chocolate Mango Brains!

Hope you enjoyed my first ever Making Monday, can't promise there'll be any more but I will try. Does it count if I make it at the weekend and blog on Monday???

Check out the comments on Natalie's Blog for links to what other people have been Making this Monday. 

Thistle Girl x

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